Sharon on Listening to your Inner Truth

Who would have guessed a conversation about intuition could be such an awesome ride. I invited my friend Sharon over to chat with me about her choice of topic and she wanted to talk about following your inner truth. As it turns out, “inner truth” can be defined many ways, and it can unfold in even more. She shared some gems of knowledge and experience with me that had me “mmm-ing” multiple times.

Sharon is a mother of 3 sons, one of which has autism. Her journey of helping her son took a turn when she learned that helping herself helped him. That’s a loaded statement, so you will need to have a listen to what she says on that. He is now learning to lead a normal life, and she is preaching there are no absolute truths for everyone. If you want to know more on that, or any of the ideas and tools Sharon talks about, you can reach out to her at


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